Carlin Felder
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Carlin Felder

Carlin Felder grew up in north Texas and spent her childhood exploring the outdoors. She studied fine art and creative writing at the University of North Texas. As a photographer she has developed a personal style called Macro Expressionism.

"As a Macro Expressionistic photographer, my form of photography is meditative act. It is calming to sink into the viewfinder into a subject and discover imagery that I cannot see with my eyes alone. The result is a synthesis of my struggle to discover content, to overcome the limitations of my equipment and to express my point of view artistically.

The action of pointing the camera at an object and depressing the shutter takes the moment of viewing the mundane to the level of visual archivist. The photograph becomes permanent witness to a finite moment in time."

In addition to photography, she paints with mixed media on paper and is a bag designer by trade.