Jes Irwin

Jes Marie Irwin

While most kids played house, a devious little Jes was getting scolded by her mom for playing 'tattoo parlor' with her friends using permanent marker. Ironically, this questionable behavior led to her current career as a full-time tattoo artist, who still has a penchant for the things she loved at the age of six, especially Hello Kitty, glitter and the color pink. After apprenticing she has gone from mopping floors, cleaning tubes (and unfortunately toilets) to once again drawing on friends, celebrities and clients from around the globe--- but this time with permanent ink and receiving less distain from her mom. While she prefers neotraditional tattooing, Jes is always up for a challenge. This feisty Pisces was born and raised in New York. When she's not slinging ink, she can be found sketching, painting, overdosing on junk food, scanning Netflix for endless hours, or hanging out with your mom.


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