Jordan De Liso

Jordan André De Liso

I will repair, upgrade, reconfigure, repurpose, manipulate, and/or contraptionize pretty much anything that people throw away or are done with. you have probably seen me digging through piles of garbage on the street or disassembling something on the sidewalk for parts... sometimes people also give me gifts that are very meaningful for one reason or another, and i will incorporate them into my work. i feel this helps bring the spirit of my pieces to life.

most of my pieces are works in progress. the problem with creating physical sculptures (especially kinetic ones), for me, is that it is hard to say something is ever in its fully finished state... almost anything can be improved upon - but that is the engineer in me talking. i enjoy leaving some of my pieces in raw states to encourage people to think about our material consumption and our culture of convenience.

we need to be more conscious of this planet that we share with so many other living things.