Kristin DeAngelis

Kristin Jennifer DeAngelis

A New England naïve now residing in Jersey City, New Jersey, Kristin J. DeAngelis has drawn since she could hold a crayon and write on her parents' walls. From winning her first award in the local annual art event in 1975, Kristin has yet to place her instrument of creativity down.

In her 35 year career as an artist, Kristin has won various awards while in Honors Art at North Branford High School, studied various mediums in her Studio Art concentration at Providence College including painting and printmaking, expanded her learning via additional oil painting classes and shown her work in various venues including NYC and Hoboken and Jersey City, NJ.

Kristin has a collection of photos of flowers that she has taken for their color, shape and overall beauty. She absorbs the image of the flower and makes it her own.


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