Lawrence Ciarallo
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Lawrence Ciarallo

b. 1985
Education: Montclair State University
B.A. Art // Specialization in Graphic Design
“Don’t Hate Procreate”
*procreate /-,at/ vb (L procreatrus, pp. of procreare, fr. pro-forth + creare-to create.)

My works are inspired by literature, music, current events, modern art, graffiti, New York City, New Jersey, and most importantly my family. It is from there that my portraits and paintings grow. The portraits are a history lesson. Comprising an eclectic smorgasbord of artists, authors, freethinkers, scholars and athletes. They exhibit the wide array of individuals whom fuel my creative fire. The paintings are a regurgitation of the intense mental and visual stimulation anyone living in a thriving metropolitan area, such as New York/New Jersey, encounters on a day-to-day basis. I attempt to create pieces that stimulate, entertain, inform, and engage.


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