Megan Gulick
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Megan Gulick

Megan grew up in the heart of Texas. When she found a hole in the fence, she slipped thru & got as far as JC.
Her road here wasn't a beeline & characters she met along the way inspired a painting or 3.
She studied at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, but spent time in Amsterdam at Gerrit Reitveld. By '01, she returned to Chicago w/ big plans but anthrax scares in the CTA were annoying & she wanted more elbow room. So she returned to Tx. The stars at night were big & bright, WalMart greeters always smiled, beer was always ice cold, but something was missing.
So she moved to Canada.
With a boring design job, 2 pups & a fellow ex-pat husband, she thought she'd sorted her destiny. But life is funny that way...
The husband coaxed her back to the US. They parted ways when she met her "true" love: JC.
Today, she's perfecting her Jersey accent, painting, drinking cheap red & chasing after her new baby (her truest true love to date).