Pamela Brown

Pamela D. Brown

Pamela D. Brown - Biography
I have been drawing, designing, and making clothes since I can remember. I won my first art contest as a 1st grade student at the school at which I now teach, P.S. #22. I was born and raised in Jersey city and have lived there all my life except for a brief dwelling in Tampa, Florida. I have been teaching art in the Jersey City public school system since 1989 and have been selected to “Who’s Who Among American Teachers twice.
I received a B.A. in art education from Rutgers University in 1977 and M.A. in studio art from New Jersey City University in 2008.
The body is a beautiful thing and when I paint or render it using any medium, I get to show you some of the hidden beauty…the tones, the structure, the muscles and even the imperfections. What is most interesting to me is how a depiction of the figure resembles nature in the form of a mountain, a stream, a piece of fruit .