Trupti Doshi

Trupti Patel Doshi

Trupti Patel Doshi is an artist born and raised in New Jersey and currently lives just outside New York City. Trupti is drawn to the simplicity and nuances of colors and shapes from her urban environment and South Asian cultural roots. Her artwork is about inspiration, exploration and movement; along with an emphasis on color, line and form. Each work is an abstract, visual interpretation of something from life – people, nature and ordinary objects. Trupti often lets the artistic process guide the creation of her artwork and uses a variety of different media and techniques – drawing on everything at her disposal from watercolors to shattered pieces of glass. Most of her pieces are organic and spontaneous, variating between bold colors and subtle shapes. The free movement of bright color and energetic line, with a bit of whimsical spontaneity, determines the end result.